Hey there! Whether you meant to or not, you have made it to my blog. Here you will find a guide to traveling the world without leaving your own kitchen (expect, maybe, for a quick grocery run), which is pretty magical. So, if you do find yourself here by accident, stay a while and you might find yourself with directions to somewhere you’d rather be.

Along the way, I hope to share some helpful tips and, let’s be honest, a few examples of what not to do. The last thing you should know about this blog is that I aim to make every meal I post the best that it can be, meaning easy, affordable and downright tasty.

Now that I have welcomed you to my blog, I want to welcome you to my kitchen. I’m currently living on the top floor of an old semi-renovated house with two other girls who are also attending CSU. We often refer to our humble abode as a treehouse, and, as you might expect of a treehouse kitchen, the place where we cook is pretty tiny.

Picture of small kitchen from an angle that gets tv in living area in the background

Both counter and cabinet, not to mention dancing/moving, space is extremely limited. Squirrels like to hang out on the roof and scratch at our window while wiggling their little noses at our food. I’m fairly certain they will someday find a way to get past the rather rickety window and chaos will ensue.

Shot straight down the middle of a narrow kitchen

Despite constant threat of siege by squirrels, and its various other shortcomings, I have become quite fond of this little space. Over the past year, we have filled it with the successes, failures, messes, and conversations of what my mom has dubbed “adult training” (college life). It’s curiously comforting to know that remnants of all these things will live on in this kitchen, unbeknownst to whoever will own it next, like little secrets.

Looking down the small kitchen at a fridge